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twin wall 1Where there is no existing chimney, a factory made metal chimney can be installed, using what is called a twin wall insulated flue system. This is a double skin flue, insulated between each skin with glass fibre. This method can also be used to flue externally – as it is insulated, it will not freeze. This type of flue system gives greater flexibility when it comes to placement of your stove. In a kitchen/dinning area, large halls, extensions and garage conversions, log cabins, we have even fitted a stove in a workshop for a lady who worked from home and had no heating in the building she was using.

Twin wall flue systems are very versatile in this way. The material used is a high grade stainless steel that comes in both natural stainless steel (shiny silver) or matt black. We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss possible solutions for your heating requirements.twin wall 4